Keeping our Passengers in Mind

Safety and security has always been a part of the GHL experience, and we are very proud of our safety record.

All of our chauffeurs must complete our extensive in-house training program, as well as undergo a background check and drug-test. We continuously monitor driving records of our chauffeurs and drug-tests are required annually.

To further ensure the safety of our clients we use Global Positioning Satellite technologies and DriveCam in all our vehicles.

Teletrac Navigation & GPS

In addition to assisting with directions and maps, our Global Positioning Satellite system relays the speed, direction and exact location of our vehicles at all times.

GHL is dedicated to implementing new ways of making transportation services more convenient, reliable, and safe. Whether it’s our website, online reservation system, FAA computerized flight data technology, GPS satellite vehicle tracking or DriveCam, GHL has dedicated significant financial and human resources to ensure that we offer the latest advanced systems that today’s business environment requires.


A palm-sized video and audio recording device mounted behind the rearview mirror in our vehicles captures what is happening inside and outside. The system captures unusual forces, such as hard braking, swerving or a collision and triggers the system to transmit, analyze and report the key details of driving incidents. The DriveCam Driver Risk Management system provides GHL with objective information that we use to train, improve driver skills and prevent costly accidents.

Vehicle Inspections

Here at GHL we use the latest computerized safety inspection systems to ensure that all our vehicles are ready to safely transport our clients without problems. Our vehicles are inspected by certified professionals and go through a 21 point check list. Before our vehicles leave our headquarters they are inspected again by our professional chauffeurs.

Thank you so much for all you did to make the transportation run so smoothly for our Dine Arounds in Houston last week, I really appreciate all the effort and planning your staff put into things.

Hannah L - Events Manager