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For decades, GHL Worldwide has specialized in premium corporate account services that provide businesses with simple invoicing, a dedicated team of accounting specialists, multiple trip programs, and more. If you currently work or have ever worked in corporate travel, you know that there are significant differences between corporate travel and all other types of travel. Being attentive to every detail and being familiar with unique corporate protocols and procedures gives us an advantage in this field.

While we organize and execute ground transportation for countless C suite executives of our nation’s top corporations, C suite and executive travel is not all we do. If you are a corporate event planner, know that we are very skilled in handling groups of all sizes; we often do groups ranging from high level Board meetings to large sales conferences each year, each consisting of hundreds to thousands of people.

Best Event Planners in the Industry

What sets us apart from our local competitors is that we invest in hiring top-tier Groups and Events specialists. Our Groups and Events specialists work tirelessly to ensure that your events go smoothly. We understand that transportation can sometimes be a costly expense, but we also know that transportation is perhaps the most stressful component in all Party Bus Corporate Events planning. We guarantee our clients that they get what they pay for. From coordinating the pick-up times to providing on-site staff, we will handle all aspects of ground transportation for your small or large event.

We have invested in state-of-the-art technology that gives us and your staff total control and vision over your events. If you want those that employ you to be exceedingly impressed as you execute a flawless event, inquire about how our technology will help you.

By allowing us to assist you in carrying out a successful event, we will not only take away your stress, but we will take away a lot of risk as well. Do not gamble when you are dealing with transportation for large groups, instead, talk to the experts! GHL Worldwide!

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